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This Page is a list of the ministries we are doing in Africa, including suggestions of ministries for others to become involved with.  If you desire more information on any of the ministries or if you are compelled to make a donation to any of these ministries you may contact us:

 Lima/Allen County Church of Christ
P.O. Box 1688
Lima, Oh. 45802
All checks are made payable to The Lima/Bath Church of Christ 
Teacher/Evangelist Training
One of our most treasured ministries is in the training of men to become evangelists.  We send men to bible training classes and seminars for 2 to 3 years and then we send them to training college to become school teachers. It is not our vision to give long term support from foreign nations for the sustaining of evangelists but to train them in ways that they can support themselves and continue to preach the gospel. The teaching position is a good fit in the villages as it gives them access to teach the children about Christ and support from the government as a teacher and time to evangelize the village.  It is possible for one to be supported as an evangelist if he is based in a city, but if it is in a village he will not be able to sustain his needs.  Some men who become evangelists are of an age or situation where it is not possible to send them to the training colleges and we do give financial support to them, but it is only in rare cases.  The cost of sending a man to college ranges from $1,500 to $2,000 a year including food, transportation needs, housing, and etc.  More men are in need of training and we are grateful for all those who will give to aid in this ministry.  
Evangelistic Campaigns
Once a leader is established in an area we run evangelistic campaigns to bring new converts into the church and to open the doors for the growth of the church.  We use door to door evangelism along with teaching programs to seek out disciples for the church.
Continued Leadership Training
Several seminars are given to church leaders and interested members during my tours in Africa.  Many courses are given which include: General Bible Knowledge, Salvation, The Lord’s Supper, Church Ministries, and eventually all of the books of the bible.
Bus Ministry
(Developing Ministry)
Because of the nature of the society most of the transportation is by foot.  Because of the environment there are also many crippled and aged people.  We have proposed the thought of buying buses for transporting people to the assembly and to arranged conventions.  It is popular here to take Mercedes Benz box vans and turn them into buses because they are very rugged and they can take the rough roads.  A descent bus can be purchased and converted for about $10,000.
Children’s Ministries
We have taken many children into our care through our conviction to take care of the poor and to visit the widows and orphans in their affliction.  We have six children in our home in Salaga and ten others we are giving aid to in fostering homes.  We do not focus on this as our primary vision, but the love of God compels us to help when we are moved by the Holy Spirit.  It takes about $100 a month to feed, clothe and educate a child. We are not receiving enough to take care of the 16 children we have in the ministry and so for many of them we are only providing some food. 
We have been building a mission house/church building in Salaga for several years.  It is being used now but it is not complete. The building is used for seminars and training for the area, to house the children and the missionaries and for assemblies. 
Available Ministries and Opportunities
There are many short term or long term ministries available to Christians who want to exercise their love and gifts from God.  Some suggestions are as follows:
Short Term Suggestions

1. Run a VBS: Children of this area are easily attracted to any event.  Having a VBS one or two weeks would impact a lot of children in the area.
2. Teaching and Evangelism:  If you are a preacher who is grounded in the faith you can come to teach at the seminars or to help in the work of evangelism.
3. Teaching and Tutoring: Many of the children need help with tutoring, especially in English. One young lady came for three months and was used in the local public school to teach during her stay. 
4. Visit and Encourage: One could come just to encourage those who are here and to find a ministry that will work for them. 
Long Term Suggestions
1. Preaching and Evangelism: There is always a need for preachers. If you are grounded and experienced you could come and learn about the people and customs through this ministry and find your calling here. If you are not yet trained and you are interested in preaching ministry you could come to be trained and also find your calling.
2. Teaching and/or Administration:  There is a need for Christian schools in Ghana.  The educational system is poor and many will flock to private schools as they know the education is better.  Through Christian schools many can be taught about Christ from varied religious and pagan backgrounds.

3. Hospital Aid:  The hospitals in the rural areas are poor, understaffed and not well equipped.  Patients have to provide their own food, water for drinking and bathing, and pay for their medicines in advance.  When someone comes from a village they are often without these essential things.  Someone to come and simple provide prayer, food, water, and medicines to those who have no place to turn would be a great tool for evangelism.
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