Wisdom International Mission - "He who believes and is baptized shall be saved" Mark 16:16
Mission Report
November 2017
Greetings to everyone in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ:
     I returned from Africa on November 21.  I cannot overexpress the great things that God is doing in the work in West Africa.  I was on this tour from September 20.  During my tour we had two leadership seminars of three days each.  We had from fifteen to twenty leaders coming for each seminar.  One of the young men who came is Joel from Lompe.  He is now part of the mentoring program to train leaders and has remained at the mission house to receive training in evangelism. This is the next step of a program that I have been setting in motion where we actually follow the scriptural pattern of training evangelists.  The pattern of the scriptures is through personal mentoring by those who are proven in evangelism, such as the case of Paul and Timothy, as well as others.  I have been training Ulanja, in this manner and now Joel will be the first to enter into the program under Ulanja.   I am planning to train many more in this manner as the fields are white unto harvest in these rural areas and laborers are needed desperately. 
     As many of you know, we started new works in Yorogo and Simboma within the last two years.  Paul Atibire is leading in the work at Yorogo and Francis Wajah is leading at the work in Simboma.  I visited the village of Simboma to teach on family and marriage.  During my time there I was asked by Francis to go to another village called Linkpalntab that is a few miles from Simboma for evangelism.  Every week when Francis passes through this village he picks up a man named Samuel to travel to Simboma for church.  Samuel had enrolled in the Bible training school at Tamale.  It is a two year program that is run by the Churches of Christ. His goal is to start a church in his village.  I went to the village to meet with them, but I informed Samuel that it would not serve well to start a church and for him to be at the training for two years where he would only be at the village for about ten weeks out of the year.  I suggested that we simply inform the chief of our plan and that when he had finished his training I would bring in an evangelistic team and we would saturate the area to begin the work.  When we met with the chief, he informed us that four other churches had come to the area in the past but they had collapsed.   However, he told us that we were welcome to come.  After I returned to Salaga I received a call from Albert, the young man who was converted through the high school program at Salaga and later convinced me to start the church in Simboma, and he informed me that a large group of people from Linkpalntab had waited on the road for Francis to pass on his way to Simboma.  Having heard of our coming to the chief, they stopped him and begged him that we would not wait for two years to come there with the gospel, as they were ready now. 
      This is not the only incident like this that has come to me.  When I was teaching in Lompe, a woman came to me who was from Sogon.  She informed me that they had a Church of Christ there but the preacher had left there and the church had now collapsed.  She begged me to come and revive the church there.  While I was teaching a personal study with a welder at Salaga, an apprentice’s father came to visit and heard us.  He told us that his village was a Muslim village, but they had a church there at one time that had collapsed.  He also begged us to come and preach the gospel in his village.  The calling on my heart to do whatever is takes to save the souls of the people and to bring them out of the grips of Islam and traditional worship is almost unbearable.  We need to train more men and support them in this great work.  I will spending my time in the states to reach out to as many Christians as possible to beg for the support that is needed.  Please pray for the doors to open up for us to fulfill this great calling of God.    If anyone can get an audience for me to make a presentation about this work in a church, or a home gathering of Christians, please let me know.  I will be sending more information in next month’s report. 
His servants
Bob and Rose

Correspondence or donations can be sent to: The Lima/Allen County Church of Christ. P.O. Box 1688, Lima, Ohio 45802.    

July 21, 2017
Greetings to Everyone:
     Rose and I returned to the States on July 7.  We had to return a week earlier than planned because Rose became very ill while in Ghana.  She was admitted to St. Rita’s Hospital as soon as we arrived and she was there until July 12.  She left the hospital in a very weakened condition and is still recovering, but she has shown good progress for the last few days.  I will be returning to Ghana in October without Rose.  She is still hoping to regain her health to return again later. 
     Upon we are hoping to be able to Increase our evangelism outreach.  I am being asked by the college students from The University of Developmental Studies to get involved in campus outreaches in Ghana.  Along with this, we are still committed to the prison ministry, the high school campus ministry, and the general evangelism in the cities and in the poverty stricken rural areas.  We had several baptisms this year in Salaga, and Medina/Yorogo  We are in great need of Bibles and other printed materials.  We are looking to purchase Bibles in Likpↄpↄↄ, Gruni, French, and English.  The other printed materials are the lessons for the advanced training seminars –classes that are given three days every month for leaders and interested parties- handouts on the church, and Islam, and two books; Understanding the Holy Spirit and Destiny.  We have been purchasing these items out of the general fund, but the general fund has been depleted to a point where we can no longer do that.  We will be pushing hard for this in the days to come, as it is not plausible to plant churches without supplying the scriptures and continuing to water the seed.  It is not overreaching to conclude that we need about 250 Bibles a year.  At an average of $10.00 each, that is $2,500.00 a year.  The printed materials run up to $1,500.00 a year
     I have also some of the books, Destiny and Understanding the Holy Spirit, back with me.  I am hoping to sell some in order to use the proceeds for printing more books.  I am hoping to print more copies in the U.S. soon.  The copies from Ghana are more abbreviated in order to keep the cost down.  The messages in these books are needed in the states as much as they are needed in Africa.  If you are interested, Understanding the Holy Spirit is $4.00 and Destiny is $6.00, with shipping included.  Just send the purchase amount by check to the address listed at the bottom of this page.
     Our annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 16 at 12:00 P.M. at the Bath Township House,  2880 Ada Rd. Lima, Ohio.  Lunch will be served and a presentation of our past year’s work will be given.  No charges are required or will be solicited. 
    I pray that the God strengthen all of you by His grace and love.
His servants
Bob and Rose
Lima/Bath Church of Christ
P.O. Box 1688

Lima, Ohio 45802     

February 2017
Greetings to all: 
     I arrived in the U.S. on Feb. 4 after three very productive months in West Africa.  We held two seminars for the advanced training and leadership classes.  We continued our school ministries in the Salaga Senior High School on Wednesdays and Fridays, teaching on the Holy Spirit.  We continued the prison ministry on Mondays.  We also traveled to Tamale on a few occasions to teach at the University of Developmental Studies where we studied on destiny and predestination.  I spent my Sundays during the first two months teaching at the Salaga church as I was trying to develop a strong foundation in the men with a series of teachings on 1 Cor. 16:13-14.  In the last month of I traveled to the villages of Jambuai, Duuni   The Simboma work was started by us last year.  I rejoice in the fact that they are doing very well.  They began as a result of one of the students at Salaga Senior High being converted and pressuring us to begin a church in his village of Simboma, as there was no church there.  is about 2 to 3 hours from Salaga on bad roads.  I inquired of a student who had graduated from Salaga Senior High previously; whom I knew was from the area, being from Duuni which is about 45 minutes I met with the church at Duuni and got acquainted with Francis, a man who had been trained at a Church of Christ training school in Tamale.  With him to continue the work in my absence, we were able to start the work in Simboma and it has grown to more than 50 people in the church.  I sent out a message in my last newsletter that we were attempting to put up a shelter for the church at Simboma, which they could finish by putting up walls from mud and plaster.  I quoted the price at $1,500.00 but that was a mistype.  It should have been $2,500.00.  We have since received $2,000.00 for the project and we are hoping to raise the remainder of the funds before my return in April. I spent the final week before my departure teaching in Oyibi, a suburb of Accra.
     During this time I have also been training Ulanja Emmanuel in the ministry.  During the week he has been with me in Salaga doing evangelism.  On the weekends he has been traveling to the village of Ulkanjabondo where we once had a church established but it dispersed due to the leaders having moved out.  Ulanja was able to reaffirm several of the saints and has since immersed 5 more people into Christ.
     In the process of I have written some handouts the church, Christ in the Quran, and racism, along with two books, one on the Holy Spirit and one on scriptural destiny.  These have been proven very effective in the ministry, especially in the prison ministry.  While I am in the states I will be going to churches to seek assistance in printing more of these handouts and the books to aid in evangelism.  It is my hope also to use these books here in the states to do the same work and to educate many on the subjects of the Holy Spirit and scriptural destiny.  If anyone would like a copy of these books or handouts please let me know. 
     I will be returning to Africa in April, God willing. 
His Servants,
Bob and Rose
Lima/Bath Church of Christ
P.O. Box 1688

Lima, Oh. 45802    

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